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Mys Dobré naděje Sossusvlei Epupa Falls
 Himba  Etosha lev  Etosha žirafa

Thi unique photo expedition  takes you to Cape Town and to the most amazing places of Namibian deserts and wildlife. You enjoy scenic flight over Skeleton coast, desert Namib as well as dunes in Sossusvlei. 

We visit and get to know the local etnic groups - Hibmas, Herero, Bushmen - during our travelling. We explore out of the way areas, for example remote Purros or impressive Epupa Falls etc...

Etosha is another fantastic destination with many opportunities to capture wild animals in their natural environment. You have also the chance to observe wild animals at night as well from close distance.

 Kapské Město 12 apoštolů

1. day - Arriving to Cape Town, accommondation,  visiting  Siglal Hill - this place offers incredible views on Cape Town with Table Mountain and ocean. We enjoy diner at well know complex Waterfront. 

Kapské Město - Stolová hora Tučňáci brýlatí  Protea

 2. day - In the morning we go to Cape of Good hope, Cape Point, on the way from cape we stop in Simonstown with fascination colony of penquins - Hout Bay, in the afternoon the cable way take us up to famous Table Mountain.

3. day - flight to Windhoek - capital of  Namibia. Accommandation in hotel, having diner in famous steakhouse.

Vyhlídkový let Pobřeží koster Vyhlídkový let

4. day – scenic flight to Sossusvbei, Skeleton Coast,  Swakopmund, night in Hotel in Swakopmund.

The sand dunes of Sossusvlei in the Namib Desert are surely one of the most spectacular sights in Namibia. Located in the Namib Naukluft park, the largest conservation area in Africa - the sand dunes at Sossusvlei are just one excellent reason to visit Namibia. The best time to view Sossusvlei is close to sunrise and sunset; the colours are strong and constantly changing, allowing for wonderful photographic opportunities. The midday heat is intense and best spent in the shade while sunset also offers excellent photo opportunities at Sossusvlei.
Duny v Sossusvlei duny v Sossusvlei Orix v Sossusvlei


Sossusvlei Sossusvlei relax v Sossusvlei

The Skeleton Coast is is normally associated with famous shipwrecks, and stories abound of sailors walking for hundreds of kilometres through this barren Namibian landscape in search of food and water. The name came from the bones that lined the beaches from whaling operations and seal hunts, but more than a few of the skeletons were human. The Bushmen called it The Land God Made in Anger and the Portuguese knew it as The Gates of Hell. Ever since European navigators first discovered it, ships have wrecked on it's off-shore rocks, or run aground in the blinding fog. While small boats could land, the strong surf made it impossible to launch, hence the stories of sailors walking through the murderous terrain.

The coast has scores of shipwrecks, some are barely recognizable, other are still in remarkably good condition. Perhaps these tragedies were meant to happen, as the wrecks provide excellent environments for Cape fur seals, living side by side with seabird colonies, offering unequaled maritime photographic opportunities.
Pobřeží koster Cape cross - kolonie lachtanů Cape cross - kolonie lachtanů
 Welwitschia-mirabilis  Skeleton coast - Pobřeží koster  Cestou necestou

5. day - We stop at large seals colony close to Swakopmund – Cape Cross, where you have an excellent oportunity  to get very close to them. In the afternoon transer to rocky Spitzkoppe. Camping in thents with comfortable camping beds. 

6. day - Spitzkoppe is specific for its remarcable scenery.  You can climb up to roks and unique fanciful formations. Camping in thents with comfortable camping beds.   

Spitzkoppe Spitzkoppe Spitzkoppe  - From Spitzkoppe we take you to Twyfelfontien  - it is known for its rock engravings and paintings and associated Late Stone Age material culture dating between 6000 and 2000 years. The site has one of the known largest concentrations of engravings in Africa executed on flat and upright slabs. Over five thousand individual figures have been recorded to date. Night in lodge.

Kresby pravěkých obyvatel Namíbie Namibie

8. - 9 day - Today we travel to Purros watching wild animals in their natural surrounding, especialy giraffes, ostriches, desert elefannts, lions etc. Camping in thents with comfortable camping beds. 

Purros Purros Purros

10. day - Drive to Opuwu, which is the center of Himba culture, visiting Himbas´ village. Night in lodge. 

Himba Himba Cestou kHimbům

11. day - Early in the morning we set of to Epupa Falls. Camping in thents with comfortable camping beds.

 12. day - The Epupa Falls (also known as Monte Negro Falls in Angola) are created by the Kunene River on the border of Angola and Namibia, in the Kaokoland area of the Kunene region. The river is 0.5 km wide and drops in a series of waterfalls spread over 1.5 km.  Epupa is a great place where you can relax  and enjoy walks with excellent photo opportunities. Camping in thents with comfortable camping beds.

Epupa Falls Epupa Falls Epupa Falls

  13. day - From Epupa falls we move to Kamanjab,  close to Etosha NP. Night in lodge.


14. 15. dayEtosha National Park is one of Southern Africa's finest and most important Game Reserves. Etosha Game park was declared a National Park in 1907 and covering an area of 22 270 square km, it is home to 114 mammal species, 340 bird species, 110 reptile species, 16 amphibian species and, surprisingly, one species of fish. The Etosha Park is one of the first places on any itinerary designed for a holiday in Namibia.

Etosha, meaning "Great White Place", is dominated by a massive mineral pan. The pan is part of the Kalahari Basin, the floor of which was formed around 1000 million years ago. The Etosha Pan covers around 25% of the National Park. The pan was originally a lake fed by the Kunene River. However the course of the river changed thousands of years ago and the lake dried up. The pan now is a large dusty depression of salt and dusty clay which fills only if the rains are heavy and even then only holds water for a short time.

First night in camp Halali, second night in Taleni lodge.

Etosha NP Namíbie Etosha NP Namíbie Etosha NP Namíbie
Etosha NP Namíbie Halali Etosha NP Namíbie Halali Etosha NP Namíbie Halali

 16. day -Travel to Windhoeku and flight back home.

The price: ask 

scenic flight,  guide, car 4x4, petrol, accommandation in campsides and lodges, breakfasts, diners - except for 1. 2. 3. 5. day (own. expences) , entries to parks

The price doesn´t include: flight tickets to SA and from Cape Town to Windhoek, travel insurance, visa










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